Nepal Idol on its most awaited voting round, see voting details here


    The most awaited voting round of Nepal Idol is about to begin. Now you can vote your favorite contestant out of 18 contestants who reached top 18 of the idol. As per Nepal Idol officials, the time for SMS voting will soon be declared. Now they are out with the voting number.

    Here is the voting number for top 18 contestants:

    Afsar Ali is assigned 01.

    BIdhya TIwari is assigned 02.

    Buddha Lala is given 03 voting code.

    One can vote Kengal Mehar Shrestha with code 04.

    Manoj Thapa Magar is assigned 05.

    One can vote Menuka Paudel with her voting code 06.

    Nishant Bhattarai is assigned 07 voting code.

    Pragya Shree BK got her voting code 08.

    One can vote Pramila Rai with her voting code 09.

    Pratap Das is assigned voting number 10.

    Pratap Lama got his voting code as 11.

    Rahul Biswas with his voting code 12.

    Sagar Ale is assigned 13.


    Sandhya Joshi with her voting code 14.

    Sujata Pandey is assigned 15.

    One can vote Suraj Tamang with voting code 16.

    Suraj Thapa can be voted with his voting number 17.

    Ulson Shrestha got his voting number 18.


    These numbers are assigned in alphabetical basis. Nepal Idol participants are now being criticized as few of them were Nepali Tara winner. Nepal Tara is also a reality show and, the Nepali Tara winners who participated Nepal Idol are being criticized high now.

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