MUSTANG KAANDA : story a year OLD , but still a GOLD



    Since last year, hundreds of facebookers went Mustang and uploaded photos from Mustang. Many of us still have a dream to visit Mustang once. You might not have noticed that, posting about Mustang was not so viral before a year . How it went viral ? Here I’m going to explain you all in short.

    Last year, on May22 (not exact date), in a facebook group named Boka Sangathan, a guy ( now famous for his surname : Tiwari ) posted a help post. He had a genuine help post quoting, His girlfriend sent him some money from Australia for a Mustang trip, but he spent it all in Kathmandu. Then, his girlfriend was asking him some photos from Mustang. And he asked group members to photoshop his photo, so that he could show it to his girlfriend.

    The post was genuine itself, but comments went too hilarious that, group admins became compelled to delete that post. Followup posts regarding Mustang Kanda are still being posted on that Sangathan.

    After Tiwari’s post, most of the members of that group posted on their timeline about Mustang. Some uploaded their photo from Mustang, some expressed their feelings on Mustang that they want to go Mustang once before they die. Mustang, it was itself famous for its beauty, went viral, which led thousands of Nepali facebookers to go there, click some photos and post it in facebook.

    Due to privacy concern of facebook group, we couldn’t post screenshots here. If you are 18+ straight Nepali male, you can join the group Boka Sangathan Hamro Sangathan and search about Mustang Kanda there

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