Mother congratulated daughter for her first menstruation, and the post went viral


    Social activist especially feminist are criticized for thoughts they deliver to society. Criticism has been a normal thing for those activist.  Today here we are with a post that gave new definition to feminism. This post is not normal one as it answers all the questions that arose criticizing feminist for just giving some speeches but not implementing.

    Radhika Sapkota is a social activist from Dhading. She has a daughter and her daughter had her first menstruation recently. She congratulated her daughter for starting a journey of fertility and most of her friends took it positively. Even her daughter thanked her for making a small teen strong enough to tackle all the problems that arise due to gender related issues. Many facebook users has taken this post as a new beginning in the field of feminism and women empowerment.

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    Even some of her friends published more articles and posts on facebook regarding the post.

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    So, what is your opinion on this matter ? Please leave in comment box. As per this article writers’ thinking, menstruation is a natural process and female should proudly say that she’s in menstruation cycle, rather than substituting with the phrase ‘Pet dukhi rakhya xa’

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