Main Reasons Behind Love Break-Up In Our Country


    In this Article, we will talk about the love relationship, the major reason behind the break-up. Most of the youngsters these days, fall in the relationship in a short time, in a very less age. They couldn’t decide what is good and bad as a result some misunderstanding occurs between them and they finally come to a point to separate from each other.

    Here some main reasons behind break up are enlisted, have a look:

    1. One or both accomplices begin questioning and start doubting:

    It happens that as a result of a few conditions and occasions you or your partner begins questioning about other relationship. This made the underlying driver of separation and at last, it winds up with separation of relationship.

    2. Interference of companions, relatives or members within a family:

    Sometimes, undesirable obstruction of other individuals, for example, friends, relatives, and the member of the family begin to ruin a solid and cheerful love relationship.

    3. Strong Family Objection:

    The most widely recognized reason for love separation or breakup (Especially in Nepal) is the complaints by the family members. This is the major reason behind almost 95% relationship breakups in Nepal.The greater part of the Nepalese family indicates an abnormal state of objection in love connections because of the difference in caste, religion, thoughts, the difference in a region (Jhapali, Syangjali) and so on.

    4. Influence by other girl or a boy to break up with you:

    Sometimes, other girl or boy may insist or compel your partner to break up with him or her because of several reasons like, they may not like you or they want your partner to belong to them or someone whom they know.

    5. Something confidential that you could not give to your partner:

    Generally, in an immature relationship, this case is found. Your partner asks your Facebook, Instagram Password and you could not give because of your confidential matter. Although you share your password, a misunderstanding surely will create when they happen to see your conversation with your friend (opposite gender).

    6. Low financial or social status: In some relationship, break up often occur because of the poor family status of a partner or low quality of life. The partner doesn’t care about the economic status before being in the relationship but later when some of the friends or relatives complain about your partner’s family status, you are forced to listen their voice and finally, you create a misunderstanding.

    7. Doing such a thing what your partner doesn’t like:

    Sometimes, you may not like a boy or a girl but when your partner often speaks about that person to you then it may create misunderstanding. It makes the relationship worse and you come to the final point to argue with your partner and end up in a break-up situation.

    So the above-mentioned points are the main reason behind break-up in our country, although there are many reasons behind the break-up. So in another article, we will provide you the tips that you can follow if you have come to this situation. Keep updated.

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