Life of 7 political parties in Nepal : as seen in 7 trolls


    In Nepal, political trolls are made lesser in comparison to other trolls. Politically, we all are busy fighting for the party of our ideology. Political debates ending up with personal coldness in the relationship are also seen. Even top leaders also don’t keep themselves away from going personal personally.

    Here we have presented you 7 trolls for 7 political parties of Nepal that show their life cycle. Let’s start from Nepali Congress.

    Nepali Congress is the top political party of Nepal as per the votes they got in CA Election.

    After NC, here comes CPN (UML) . How UML cadres and leaders spend their life is shown in a troll below :

    Third largest political party of Nepal is CPN(MC). This is how they spend their life:

    RPP is a party that came with a supportive background to then King. This is how they spend their life:

    After leaving CPN(MC), the ex-prime minister of Nepal, Dr. Baburam Bhattarai came up with Naya Shakti. This is how one-year-old party leaders and cadres spend their life:

    Madhesh based parties are criticized in Kathmandu region for their political demands. This is how their life goes on:

    Popolar in social media, BSN leaders and cadres life goes on as:


    This is all about seven political parties of Nepal and their life cycle. I’m sure, the party you believe on also got trolled. If you liked the trolls, just hit like and share button. If not, kindly inbox/comment us with suggestions.

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