LAURE vs BALEN – when will it happen


    If you follow Nepali hiphop, then I don’t think it necessary to talk the bullshit first paragraph and compel you guys to read it. Lets move on to another article on your own NAJ Entertainment after a long with your editor Garapare.

    RAW WARZ rap battle hosted by legendary hiphop artist Lt. Yama Buddha between Little Grizl and Balen is considered as a historic battle in Nepali Rap Battle history. The re-battle by BALEN was so hard that he almost f*cked up Little Grizl. After this rap battle, BALEN came into the hype of NEPHOP. His many songs are out on Youtube too.

    Watch the video here :

    Similarly, Laure, famous after his stage rocking performances and hard-bitten lyrics, also known widely for his popular song Case no. 420, is considered as the king of NEPHOP by his fans. He has featured in many movies and also judged the first season of Himalayan Roadies.

    Well guys, lets move on to the topic now.

    LAULE vs BALEN is the most awaited rap battle by Nepali hip hop fans. They both are too smart a**holes that one can’t simply compare who is best out of them. Laure has professionally been involved in Music industry, but BALEN is not. For your information, Balen is working as aa Technical Head for the reconstruction project called Housing Service Support Centre (HSSC); supported by ASF Nepal, Habitat For Humanity Nepal and Abari; and has been guiding seven civil engineers and twelve supervisors under him. He has also been doing awareness programs for the locals on how to rebuild better for Build Back Better and Safer program. We respect work of both of the rapper.

    Recently, next rapper from Nephop – SACAR Adhikari AKA Little Buddha, die-heart fan of YAMA BUDDHA went trending ovre the web due to his DISS videos on Laure, PM Sher Bahadur Deuba, Ex-PM Prachanda and all. He claimed that Laure asked for some big money for coming up for RAP BATTLE ( not an official ibformation though) which again brought out the curiosity that ‘Will LAURE VS BALEN rap battle ever happen?”

    Balen once said, history never gets repeated but can be created. We hope, a new historic rap battle in NEPHOP will happwn soon. Nepali HIPHOP community is eagerly waiting for LAURE VS BALEN rap battle.

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