Kathmandu metropolis distributing mobile phones ! Is this a good initiative?


    Nepalese are getting their local representatives after 20 years. We had a feeling that after we get the local heads, the services we are getting earlier will be upgraded. We thought to get the real feel of development with the leading role of our elected representatives. But, a decision of Kathmandu Metropolis let our belief down.

    Kathmandu Metropolis is the largest city lies in the Capital of Federal Republic Nepal. The local level election of Kathmandu was watched from every sector nationally and internationally. CPN(UML) raised Bidhya Sundar Shakya as the candidate, who defeated Nepali Congress candidate with the huge vote difference. Ranju Darshana, a 21 years old candidate from Bibeksheel Nepali had made the election more interesting to watch. Ranju after the loss with Shaka had declared to make a parallel type of Metropolis committee for hearing public opinion and suggestion too.

    But, here comes the matter of providing mobile sets worth 30K to each metropolis executives and a high-end device to Mayor and Vice-Mayor. Do you think, distributing people’s tax to so-called leaders is a good thing? This initiative by Kathmandu metropolis will surely change the perception of other heads of local level all over Nepal.

    Ministry looking at the local levels in Nepal – Sanghiya Mamila Mantralaya should take action to stop such misuse of people’s tax.

    If you think, the act of Kathmandu Metropolis is not good, share this article. Comment down your views on the matter.

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