Will Jhakkad Thapa be back on Nepal Idol ! Lets join the petition campaign


    It would be useless if I put here bio on Jhakkad Thapa. After Nepalgunj Audition of Nepal Idol, his craze went too high. Only one in the globe, our own Jhakkad Thapa was rejected by Nepal Idol judge in Audition round. But, he was liked by many of us who watch the first season of Nepal Idol being broadcasted by AP1 Hd television. So, if you want Jhakkad Thapa back in Nepal Idol, you can do a thing that is explained below.

    Here is the description and link to the petition that goes as :

    Wild Card Entry for #Jhakkad Thapa

    This is petition to pressurize Nepal Idol organizer, Judges and concerned party to bring back our own #Jhakkad Thapa in Nepal Idol through Wild Card Entry system. Let’s start signing in this petition and pressurize them to bring back Sansar mai kahi navayeko Jhakkad back in Nepal Idol.

    Click here to sign :Wild Card Entry for #Jhakkad Thapa

    This petition will be submitted to Nepal Idol organizer, judges and broadcaster. If the petition got signed by more peoples and they got to do their viewers a favor, Jhakkad Thapa might be BACK on Nepal Idol stage once again. We still miss his ” Udhreko Choli ko Khukulo Tuna xa” . Hope to see his pure heart with smiling face back on Nepal Idol !

    What is Petition?

    petition is a request to do something, most commonly addressed to a government official or public entity. Petitions to a deity are a form of prayer called supplication.

    In the colloquial sense, a petition is a document addressed to some official and signed by numerous individuals. A petition may be oral rather than written, and in this era may be transmitted via the Internet.

    So, do you want Jhakkad Thapa back, then click here to sign :Wild Card Entry for #Jhakkad Thapa

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