Indira Joshi uploaded a photo in her Facebook profile and this is how people responded


    After Nepal idol audition and theatre rounds are out of AP1 television and youtube, general public started criticizing the judges . Female judge, Indira Joshi was also criticized high. Many started calling her potential wali after she used  potential back to back in audition round of Nepal idol . Now, here we come with how facebookers/trollers reacted after Indira Joshi added a photo in her facebook profile. They have responded too hilariously. Just scroll, we will provide you with top comments as seen in Indira Joshi’s facebook:

    This is the photo uploaded by Indira Joshi .

    Raju Bajgain with top comment here:

    Similarly other epic comment are as :

    Swipe for more articles. I’m sure you will find us funny.

    Facebook Comments


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