Indian Girl SEEMA SUBEDI trending over NEPAL, finally apologized through a live video


    Seema Subedi, an Indian girl posting about GurkhaLand issue, went live on her Facebook profile. She talked more about Nepal rather than the Indian Issue. Before Nepali had no intricacy on the issue, then Seema told that Gorkha belongs to Indian. Then Nepalese criticised hard for her words. Here we are with the collection of video series from the starting of the issue to how she apologised. Here we go:

    Seema’s first video where she talked about the Gurkhaland issue and brought forward her problem with Nepalese in the video.

    Problem loading video, watch here:

    Then, Nepalese YouTubers and social media community reacted hard on the issue. Here are some videos. At last, we have a video from Seema Subedi again where she apologised for her previous words. Keep scrolling…

    Here’s another video:

    Another one:
    Again another video:
    From BurmaMyanmar), how a guy reacted on Seema, watch here:
    A Nepali girl to Seema Subedi:
    Another Nepali girl to Seema Subedi:
    A man replying to Seema:

    Now here comes her another live video where she apologised to Nepalese for her words she delivered previously:

    Trouble loading, watch here

    So, what you think about Seema, leave your comment here. What this article writer thinks is, raising such disputes between two neighbouring and friendly┬ácountries is not a good thing. Nepalese talking on Gurkhaland is not a good thing because it’s their internal issue. Similarly, Seema and other Indians, bringing Nepalese Gorkha issue forward and expressing negative words on Nepal is not a good thing.

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