How to convert a non-touch screen laptop to TOUCH SCREEN


    Here we are with tips that will help you to convert your non-touch screen laptop to a touchscreen one. If you want a touch screen laptop but, can’t afford it due to expensive price, now it’s not that hard. You can simply make your non-touch screen laptop a touch screen laptop just with the help of a plug and touch device.

    There are many branded devices that make your non-touch screen laptop a touch screen one. Here we are presenting you with a device with its brand name AirBar. Airbar is a plug and touch device that holds just above your screen with its magnetic force. You need to plug it to your laptop with a cable provided and can enjoy the touchscreen facility in your old non-touch laptop. It works with bare hand, gloves, and even chopsticks.

    It costs around NPR 5k in Kathmandu to make your non-touch laptop a touch screen. But, the price goes up and down with its international market. Do bargain hard before you install it.

    Here’s the video showing how it works:

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