Hello Sarkar got trolled, they must improve their response quality


    Hello Sarkar is not a new name for Nepalese . Hello Sarkar is a government hotline for hearing suggestions from public. Hello Sarkar has solved many problem as submitted by public. But, its response level is too low. Here we are with a sarcastic problem submitted by a twitter user . He has sarcastically presented the issue of motorcycle ban inside Ring Road. Here is the problem submitted on twitter:

    Then, Hello Sarkar replied the twitter user . They simply said that the problem has been forwarded. They didn’t get the seriousness of the problem. They simply responded as the robots do. Here is the reply:

    This type of replies might increase the response rate, but reputation will surely decrease. Team Hello Sarkar should note this suggestion for improvement of the quality service they are providing to public. And, this type of incident has occurred many times before. For quality improvement, public also should not send such troll type of problem.

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