Government is coming with a new rule : NO TWO WHEELER INSIDE KATHMANDU RINGROAD


    If the discussion going on about banning two wheeler vehicles inside Ringroad of Kathmandu valley goes positively, we are to get a new rule soon. After bringing No Horn rule and rule for pedestrian, which couldn’t be successful, the government is now doing a good preparation for bringing this new rule.

    A pictorial representation of Ring Road after ongoing expansion project gets completed

    “Banning two wheels from whole Kathmandu valley could cause a big problem, so we are trying to prohibit the use of motorcycle from Ringroad”, an official at Department of Transport Management Rupanarayan Bhattarai said. He further added,”Before bringing this new rule, public transport system will be upgraded to a specific level so that public won’t get trouble in using public transport.”

    Though this is not a good news for bikers, it will help to reduce traffic and environmental problems. Also, the number of road accidents is believed to get reduced. Hope this new rule will be brought in practice after proper preparation.


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