Goma Air Crashes At Lukla | Exclusive Video Footage


    This heart-halting video gotten by the Post demonstrates the shocking scene of the Goma Air’s payload plane (Flight 409) crash while attempting to arrive at Lukla Airport amid terrible climate condition on May 27.

    The plane, with the enlistment number 9N-AKY, is seen moving toward the air terminal’s runway puncturing the haze. The plane, which is not lined up with the runway’s middle line, is seen making an uncommon way to deal with land. As the plane drops, an airplane terminal authority toward one side of the runway, where the air terminal is found, sense something abnormal and surges towards the flip side of the airstrip in frenzy. In any case, he can’t stop the incident.

    In view of the recording, it can be expected that the pilot flying in low-perceivably conditions did not see the runway to make a touchdown. As the runway ends up noticeably obvious to the pilot, he discovers his airship noticeable all around not adjusted to the runway. He at that point tries to make the remedy in a split second by making a sharp turn towards the runway. Yet, inside a moment the flying machine slows down with the nose up and vanishes from the scene. Crest of white smoke is seen crying from the site of the mischance. Airplane terminal authorities are then observed hurrying to the scene.

    Isolate photos of the crash site appear, the airplane’s midsection initially slashed a tree and after that pummeled into the hill, breaking into three pieces, close to the air terminal’s edge fence.

    This is the second significant crash with setback since 2008 at Lukla Airport, otherwise called Tenzing-Hillary Airport- – named after the principal men to climb Mt Everest.

    On October 8, 2008, Yeti Airlines Flight 103 smashed while making the last approach and burst into flames, executing 18 travelers and team. The airplane’s commander was the main survivor.

    Watch the exclusive video footage taken by CCTV camera from Lukla Airport

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