Goma air crashed in Lukla, Captain Parash Kumar Rai is no more with us


    An aircraft belonging to Goma Air crashed yesterday as it tried to land in foggy weather at a tiny airport in Lukla.

    The 9N-AKY airplane with three crew members crashed while landing at Tenzin-Hilary Airport in Lukla. Goma Air sources told that the cargo plane was piloted by Captain Paras Kumar Rai along with a co-pilot Srijan Manandhar and Pragya Maharjan as a flight attendant. According to Lukla Airport source, the plane crashed about three meters below the runway threshold. Attendant Pragya was rescued half an hour before other crew member and now she’s out of risk. But, a sad news is that, though rescued alive, captain Parash Kumar Rai is no more with us.

    UPDATE: Co-pilot is not alive.

    Nepalese airspace is considered risky as every year number of aircraft crashes happens due to bad weather and geographical condition. Internationally, Nepalese airspace has been blacklisted too.

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