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    You all might be curious to know about Viagara baba. So, today we will reveal some secrets behind him. He is admin of NAJ Entertainment. He makes our fans laugh out loud with his deeply sarcastic trolls. He often confess with NAJ family that, his trolls get lesser responses by NAJ Entertainment fans and followers. When we ask why, he simply replies us that, his trolls are too deep. So, without much more flattering to our BABA, let me present some facts about Viagara BABA.

    Civil Engineer : Viagara BABA is a civil engineer by profession. He did his undergraduate level at IOE, Pulchowk. According to his SLC character certificate, he was a good student with better moral ethics. Also, his principal wished for his bright future, which might be the reason he has bright future in trolling and engineering.

    Social Activist ; Viagara BABA is a social activist. He successfully completed Ashish Neupane brothers case, where he worked all day night to collect funds for months. He also designed and brought out a tee printed as ” नेतालाई बाल, जनताको आफ्नै ताल, हेर देशको बेहाल” which was liked by many of his followers. He had actively participated in many emergency help case like flood victims, blood requests, Earthquake victims, etc

    Sarcastic writer : Viagara BABA is a sarcastic writer. He has written many short stories and sarcastic short notes. You can find his creations on NAJ Entertainment wall and in his profile too.

    Relationship Status: Okey, now I am gonna reveal his relationship status too. Ladies, I am sorry to tell you all that he is taken. If you are his regular follower, you might have known this earlier too as he had posted something that signs of relationship status few months ago from Pokhara

    Photo ; And finally comes the task of revealing his photo. I am not gonna take risk of revealing his photo because he is very dangerous with long long beard. But wait, I am not gonna let you all down. I will provide you a link where you can find his photo. Just click here and scroll for few minutes. Your will surely get his photo.

    Additionally, for those who read till last,he is a die hard Leo MESSI fan . Thank you everyone for reading this article. If you have any suggestion, kindly leave below in comment box. If you liked this article, hit share and share among your circle. Thank you again.

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