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    Mens Room Reloaded (MRR) is a social networking group formed on 11th Dec 2011. Till date, MRR is renowned as Facebook group with more than 1,00,000 members. Majority of members belong to age group 18-30 with enthusiasm, dedication, passion and willingness to do something for community and nation. Though member doesn’t have any physical attachment as they interact virtually, still they believe in motto “Brother from Another Mother” OR “Yes to Brotherhood”. With above mentioned motto, members have mutual trust and understanding between them. Among all, they believe they are citizen of this country not by words but by works. To justify the statement, time and again they have been doing some small but impact oriented charity works, awareness raising campaigns and support for noble causes such as blood donation, support for kidney failure patient, cloth donation, silent speaks campaign, etc. Inside the group, members discuss on various topic i.e. from entertainment oriented topics to national level politics.

    Against Banda, they always stood up

    Lets move on to the topic now. Its a matter of curiosity for non-MRRians that how they might get inside MRR. Here I present you few easier ways through which you might get entry to MRR.

    Requesting your MRRian friend to add in MRR : Adding in MRR only doesn’t ensure your entry to group. Dedicated admins panel will analyse your profile and then only you might get inside huge MRR family. But, MRR have large number of pending join request which makes your entry to group a bit harder.

    Sometimes, generally once in a month, bulk entry is opened by admins panel for few hours. If you have a MRRian friend, then it would be easier way to get inside MRR family when bulk entry is open. But be sure(especially females), they shortly review your profile before adding you to the group. They highly discourage fake identity profile and suspicious profiles.

    MRR is change : See how MRRians changed photoshop defination

    They have a facebook page : Mens Room Relaoded . Following the page and getting involved in field activities supported or organized by MRR will help you get closer to MRRian friend . Actively involved Nepali citizen will easily get inside MRR . So, if you are in Nepal or abroad, particiating MRR events will help you join Mens Room Reloaded.

    Some might tell you that getting closer to admins is the easier way to join MRR. But what MRR admins believe in is every members are admins and every admins are member.

    Sorting out blood problems, they have done much more volunteering

    Wasn’t this article helpful? Now I present you the rules of MRR set by dedicated admin  panel



    This group is known as MENS ROOM (RELOADED) or also known as MRR. We are a volunteer Facebook group and was founded on 11th of December 2011. Our group was created for fun and to have a communication between our brothers privately. We believe that, we all are “BROTHERS FROM DIFFERENT MOTHERS”

    We Welcome Only 18+ Nepali Males

    1. What can you post and what can u do in MRR?

    Jokes and pictures, Information and useful articles, Promote social cause,  About local updates, Ask for online helps, About your creative ideas, To be polite and respect everyone , Invite and make new friends,Use of English and Native (Nepali) language

    2. What not to post and what not to do?

    No disrespect to any Nepalese Girl & if it’s a must, post with censorship of the identity (name and face), No promotion to corruption  ,Peace (no keyboard fighting), No pornography post, No personal attacks, No “HAJIR” posts, No page promotions, May contain adult post (That’s why it’s an 18+ Group), dont panic.


    Your post will be removed, upon members request or admin monitoring. If it is Non-entertaining, non-informative, violent, disrespectful posts regarding caste/place/club/people/group.
    This group is a secret group; your post will only be visible to you and the members of MRR group. If found polluting the group or violating the rules, the members will be removed/banned from the group.

    Extra Note: If anything is found outside the rules of MRR, that will lead automatically to banned members list.

    3. MRR Google Form

    To solve the problem and help at the time of emergency situation (mostly on blood related post), admin created its own Google form to have MRR’s own blood database.
    Please do fill the form


    4. How to contact admins?
    Here is the link below for any Question and feedbacks.


    Email Address: mensroomreloaded@gmail.com

    Promoting Nepali movies, they promote Nepali talents

    Thank you all for reading till end. NAJ family wish, your join request to MRR gets approved soon and you be a member of a huge family with a good brotherhood relation, a passion on social service, a centre of youth hope of change, a huge collection of random positive ideas. See you there inside MRR soon. Have a good day.

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