Facebook thanks Nischal Basnet and the reason will make you go crazy


    You all might have known that the trailer of upcoming Nepali Movie 2 Rupaiya released on 27th July. Its in top of YouTube trending list in Nepal. Not only YouTube, 2 Rupaiya is trending in Facebook for some reason and the reason is quite funny.

    Without any Bakwassness, lets begin the article now:

    After the trailer of Dui Rupaiya released, it went trending on YouTube due to overwhelming viewers. Till the article is prepared, it has already hit more than 3 lakhs hits in YouTube.  But the Facebookers went crazy when a guy posted something about the trailer.

    A guy posted on Facebook that the water bottle filmed in Dui Rupaiya Trailer is manufactured in his mineral water company. He thanked Nischal Basnet and Dui Rupaiya Team for promoting the mineral water company indirectly.

    Then few crazy minds on Facebook started trolling over that guy with their epic posts. Some examples posts are:

    In the trailer of Dui Rupaiya released recently, the production house has used ambulance from my locality. I’m very happy to see this. Trailer is also very good. Thank you Dui Rupaiya team and Nischal Basnet. I’ll be there in hall at Bhadra 23.

    At last he used hashtag ‘trend’ #trend too

    Another guy posted as:

    Last time, Nischal dai came to my store and bought a Colgate toothpaste. See how white his teeth are in this trailer. I’m happy to see my store’s toothpaste’s effect in this trailer. Thank you Nischal Dai and team Dui Rupaiya.

    Next post we found is also epic one. Here we go:

    In this trailer of Dui Rupaiya, Nischal Dai and team has shown the vegetables that were cultivated in my father’s farm. I’m very happy that Dui Rupaiya promoted my farm too. Thank you Nischal Dai and team.

    Here’s another one:

    In this upcoming movie Dui Rupaiya by Nischal Dai, he is seen with Ray Ban that costs 1500 NPR in my shop. I’m very thankful to Nischal Dai and team for promoting my business (though surfacely). Will be going on film hall Bhadra 23rd to watch the movie.


    I got to watch Nischal Dai’s movie Dui Rupaiya trailer. In trailer, he has filmed my hotel too. This guy on photo is having food in my hotel. Thank you Nischal Dai for promoting my hotel through your movie.


    Just watched Dui Rupaiya trailer. In the trailer, I noticed Gold Star shoe that I sell in my shop. I’m happy with Nischal Dai for promoting my movie. Thank you Nischal Dai. Waiting for Bhadra 23.


    Just watched Dui Rupaiya Trailer. In the trailer, I noticed photo frame that I sell in my shop. I’m very happy with Nischal Dai for promoting my business. Thank you Nischal Dai and Dui Rupaiya Team. Wish you best of luck. Will be there in hall on Bhadra 23rd.

    And here comes the last but most epic post till on the subject:

    2 rupaiya ko trailer heriyo..maile afnai naak le sas ferne hawa ni dekhako raicha flim ma ..nikai khusi lagyo ra team lai dhanyabaad dina chahnchu..flim superhit hos…??


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    Watch trailer here:

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