Expectations of plus 2 joining students


    SEE (formerly SLC) is still considered as the iron gate of students. Students also think that their life is going to be changed a lot after completing grade 10. Though new system to consider 9-12 as high school will totally go against calling 11 and 12th grade as colleges, still, many of the students think they are in college life as soon as joining 10+2 schools.

    So, these students expect much with Higher Secondary Schools. Here we are with few expectations of students while joining 10+2.

    After presenting you all these few expectations that boys have, let’s move on to girls. Here is a list of expectation that girls have:


    And these are few expectations that girls have while joining plus 2.

    So, what do you think? Are these the expectations that SEE completed students keep. If you have more ideas on their expectation, add them below in comment box. If you agree with the article, hit like and share. If you didn’t like the article, comment us or inbox us with suggestions.

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