Epic incident in Local Election : Mellekh VC is counting its vote third time


    This news is from Achham of Farwestern Nepal. In Mellekh Village Council Ward No. 2, State no.7, the vote counting ended and the candidate from Nepali Congress got elected. But then, CPN(UML) representatives asked for re-counting of the votes. Election Commission officers became ready to count the votes for second time.

    Then the counting went epic as in second count, Nepali Congress and CPN(UML) candidates for Ward Head got equal number of votes. Then, it became sure that, either first or second counting went wrong,

    So, they are now counting the votes for third time. This might be the first time in Nepal’s election history that the votes being counted thrice for miscount suspect.

    Stay tuned with the election updates. This epic moment in second phase election will always be remembered.

    About Local Election in Nepal

    The 2017 Nepalese local elections are scheduled to be held in Nepal in three phases on 14 May, 28 June and 18 September in 6 metropolitan cities, 11 sub-metropolitan cities, 246 municipalities and 481 rural municipalities.They are the first local elections after 20 years and the first to be held since the promulgation of the 2015 constitution

    Local elections were held in 53 municipalities in February 2006 under then King Gyanendra but were boycotted by the major political parties and saw low voter turnout.Prior to 2006, previous elections was held in 1997 with the mandate of five years. Elections were supposed to be held on 2002 but were delayed due to the then ongoing Civil War.

    With the promulgation of the new constitution in 2072, a three-tier governance system was introduced, with national, provincial and local levels of governance. A Local Body Restructuring Commission was established as required by the constitution. The commission proposed 719 local structures which was revised to 744 by the government. The new local levels were formed by changing the existing cities and village development council and came into existence on 10 March 2017.


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