Election commission’s new Ad Video pulled into disputes, commission took it down instantly



    For the upcoming second phase local level election in Nepal, Election Commission had broadcasted an advertisement featuring Kunjana Ghimire Suntali and Sitaram Kattel Dhurmus . Suntali was presented as a Maithili girl . Her face was painted black to show as a Madhesi typo. Dhurmus-Suntali were telling how to vote in the video. Everything was fine till then when Advocates and human right activist found some racist presentation in the video.  Madhes activist, advocates, journalists and politicians brought out the issue of Commission being racist in media. Then election commission had to take down the advertisement. Here are some snapshot which will clarify you more what the issue was and why election commission had to take down the video.

    Advocate Dipendra Jha writes :

    Senior journalist from BBC criticized the video as :

    Leader from Sanghiya Samajbadi writes :

    After these and many more criticisms, election commission has now took down the video. Hope commission brings out new video with Madhesi actors.

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