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    Few days back we got message regarding the issue of problem faced by nursing students in India. We also got request to cover this news so that our page followers/members could be clear on the issue. The content of this article are extracted from various sources to make you all clear on “Why you should not study in India?”


    When we have institutions that provide quality education in Nepal, what is the incentive you have to come all the way to India.


    1. The education process is more concepts and theoretical rather than application.
    2. Research facilities in the premier most institutes are pathetic
    3. Except ISI and CMI they don’t really have a mathematics powerhouse. IISc though excellent does not compare to government college level institutes in certain countries!
    4. The infrastructure in and around the educational institute is abysmal. High school student from Kathmandu will find it uncomfortable.
    5. Safety is another concern. Girls will face this problem more. Ragging, though is against the law, is observed in most of the colleges.
    6. Politics and nepotism in the education fraternity is also a serious concern. Though this is problem in public campuses in Nepal too.
    7. If you talk about management education the top indian institutes barely make it to global top 25. So why would one consider management here when relatively better options would be available in their own country.
    8. Language is big barrier. Hindi is not the only language spoken in India. Faculty in pure science and engineering streams are not that great with English. Medicine is all about research and that hardly happens in India.

    Why India is not alternative for study?

    According to a report on foreign students at India’s colleges and universities, their numbers fell by 6 per cent in 2013-2014 to 31,126. Many newspapers headlined this decline even though the data is two years old. Curiously, less than a year ago, at least one newspaper quoted a 2014 report of the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) that ‘India is gradually emerging as a preferred destination for foreign students, particularly from the South Asian region.’ It also noted an increase in the numbers of international students to 31,120 in 2011-2012, which was 20 per cent more than the previous year.

    The purpose behind citing the numbers above, however, is not to highlight an increase or decline in the numbers of international students in India. In fact, the numbers seem to indicate that their growth has been flat over the past five years or so rather than going clearly in one direction or the other. The more interesting aspect of these numbers is how low they are considering that there are 757 universities, 38,056 colleges and 11,922 stand-alone institutions in the country (AISHE 2014-2015); and the country has the second-largest population of higher education students in the world. In fact, India is projected to become home to the world’s largest population of college-aged students – 119 million – by 2025.

    What is also remarkable about these numbers is that the number of Indian studying abroad – approximately 360,000 – is nearly ten times higher than the number of international students at Indian universities; and globally, over the past decade or so, there has been a significant increase in the numbers of students choosing to study abroad. In 2000, 2 million students travelled abroad to study; in 2013, the numbers had reached 4.1 million.

    Given the low numbers of foreign students in India while their numbers are growing worldwide, the question is whether the Indian government should become more interested in attracting international students. Indeed it is or at least seems to be, with the MHRD under former minister Smriti Irani taking some preliminary steps to prepare a ‘Study in India’ initiative. The logical next question is whether the government and India’s universities can take concrete measures to make the country more appealing for foreign students.

    So, don’t keep India in your list for further study unless it is Post Graduate Level or Embassy Scholarship scheme. Nepal is more better than India !

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