Deepak Raj Giri hits facebook again, his suggestion on Bharatpur Kanda are really hilarious


    You all might be known about Bharatpur Kanda. At last moment, ballot papers were torn. This got over news and social media widely.

    Famous actor cum director from Tito Satya and Chhakka panja, Deepak Raj Giri also couldn’t stop himself from posting about the incident . He really gave some hilarious suggestions about that incident. His suggestions were as :

    About Deepak Raj Giri

    Deepak Raj Giri is a Nepali comedian, producer, director, actor, and television presenter. His comedy program Tito Satya, the longest running TV Show in Nepal, aired for more than 12 years. Giri directed and produced the 2013 Nepali film Cha Ekan Cha. His movie Chhakka Panja was released in September 2016

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