Crazy fan (finally) meets Prakriti


Afterall FAN boy meets Prakriti Shrestha

Today we are featuring a die-hard fan of model cum actress Prakriti Shrestha who used to post a lot of photo with Prakriti.

You might be wandering what the f**k is interesting in point that a guy used to post photo with a celebrity. But yes, here’s something that shows the crazyness of fan-boy.

All the photos he posted earlier with Prakriti were edited-photoshopped. See here his photos that were digitally treated.

But, now his dreams came true. He finally got to be present in fan meet with Prakriti and got the real photo. Also Prakriti posted photo with him in instagram stories. See here the real photos:

Ain’t this crazy? Yes. Lets celebrate the happiness of fan Nischal Shrestha with this featured article in NAJ Entertainment.

Also, are you diehard fan of any Nepalese celebrity? Comment below ??

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