Champions League winner Real Madrid is not world’s richest football club


    This year went too good for Spanish football club Real Madrid. In playground, Real won LaLiga title and Champions League title. But, outside the ground, club got to lose. In a list of World’s richest football club by Forbes Magazine, MANCHESTER UNITED came to the top of the list. Consecutively, Manchester is in the top of the list for 5 years.

    6th club of premier league Manchester United is valued $ 3.69 billion this year. They brought a 11% positive growth in their club value. United earned 765 million last year, which is above 75 million than Real and Barcelona.

    Though Spanish Giant Real Madrid became successful in ground, club value decreased by 2% and reached $3.58 million from $3.65 billion.

    Here’s the list published by Forbes :

    1. Manchester United (Premier League) – Valuation: $3.69 billion

    2. FC Barcelona (La Liga) – Valuation: $3.64 billion

    3. Real Madrid (La Liga) – Valuation: $3.58 billion

    4. Bayern Munich (Bundesliga) – Valuation: $2.71 billion

    5. Manchester City (Premier League) – Valuation: $2.08 billion

    6. Arsenal (Premier League) – Valuation: $1.93 billion

    7. Chelsea (Premier League) – Valuation: $1.85 billion

    8. Liverpool (Premier League) – Valuation: $1.49 billion

    9. Juventus (Serie A) – Valuation: $1.26 billion

    10. Tottenham Hotspur (Premier League) – Valuation: $1.06 billion

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