A guy posted his brushing photo on Environment Day got epic responses


    Nepalese facebook community is full of trollers nowadays. Sometimes it is said that “one house, one troller” is being followed in Nepal . Not only trollers, most of Nepalese facebook users have a good sense of humour, Here we are presenting you a facebook post which got really epic comments. A guy posts his selfie on World Environment Day with a funny caption. Then, his friends came with amazing comments. See here his original post posts :


    The photo was captioned in a funny way.

    Comments are too epic that you will laugh out loud for sure.

    Bindash Charlie comments :

    Raj Gautam made his comment epic with word Anuhaar ka ti jhyaau.

    Muller Banzara Rabin was curious about AIDS day. Ram Parajuli was also asking about the same thing.

    Durga Ghimire and Pra Shant Poudel made the post more funny with their comments.


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