Beer supply through pipeline in largest heavy metal concert


    The world’s largest rock music festival to be held in Northern Germany is supposed to supply beer through the pipeline. A grand musical festival Wacken Open Air Festival for the hard rock will have a pipeline supply of beer. As a large quantity of beer is supposed to be consumed, organizers have installed an underground pipeline for beer supply.


    This festival is held every year in Wacken village, 80 km northwest from Hamburg, Germany. With a population of less than 2 thousand, a heavy metal concert is held every year in this village since 1850. Each attendant is supposed to drink average 5.1 liters of beer and 14-inch diameter pipeline is supposed to fill a glass of beer in just a second.

    Organizer claims that this is the largest heavy metal concert being organized yearly round the globe. Citizens from Wacken can join the concert for free, while non-Wackenians should book a ticket for entry. And the fact is that Wacken is as much famous for heavy metal, as Germany is famous for beer consumption.

    So, if you are Metal lover in Germany or your friend is, then join this historic concert this season. If you are to attend Wacken this year should be sure to let us know how the beer pipeline functions: Speedy? Frosty? Fresh?

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