‘Achaari masti’: Pickle-flavoured c0nd0ms just blew up social media with hilarious jokes


    These days, brands are trying new and different things to add some spice in that already pleasurable experience. Launching unique flavors is part of their marketing strategy. C0nd0m-selling companies love to lure customers by adding spice to their products with new flavours every now and then. But, it seems a brand added a tad too much spice this time by introducing new achaari-flavoured c0nd0ms. No, we are not kidding. Last year, another c0ndom brand trolled the world by announcing baingan-flavoured cond0ms, but this time around, it doesn’t look like a joke. Sharing the news on Facebook, the company posted a picture of the newly-launched box and wrote: “Presenting the very Indian, Tangy and Tantalizing, ACHAARI Flavoured Cond0ms. Get your lovemaking to go Desi and $exy.”

    Reactions on Facebook:

    A Cond0m is just isn’t a c0ndom anymore its a restaurant now!!

    I wont be surprised if the women orders an aloo parantha instead of having $ex!!

    1947 : I bet there will be flying cars in future !
    2017: manforce Achaari flavoured c0ndoms

    Tea flavor for thoes who like to do things at morning lol… hahaha.

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