A guy went live from toilet and how people responded was too hilarious


    On 8th May, 9:18 pm , a Nepali guy went live on facebook. Going live is not a big deal nowadays . But, the way he went live was a bit funnier.

    He went live from toilet with the caption ” Live from toilet, inspired by ****** Sharma” . A girl with surname Sharma was mentioned on live video.

    You might think that he went live either with that girl or alone just because he was an attention seeker. But, you are wrong on point.

    His actual purpose of going live was to troll on that mentioned girl as she used to go live on facebook consequently without purpose. He was actually to messed off by live notifications from that girl. So, thought of going live from toilet.

    What comments he got, how people responded him, you might be curious right . But wait, first we present you with video which was broadcasted live on his facebook wall. Why you miss this quite common but funny recorded live video. [Prefer full brightness and full volume . Nothing much inappropriate visual and audio effects to worry]

    Okey now, let’s have a tour on some epic comments he got there.

    Comment #1
    “हिजोसम्म ठिकै थियो मेरो भाइ, बिचरा आज पाटन लैजानु पर्ने भएछ”

    Comment #2
    “Nothing left now, I will rest in peace.”

    Comment #3
    “थुक्क मु* , औतारी”

    Comment #4
    “तीन बाल्टी पानी हालेर सफा गर्, नभए चप्पलले हल्का पन्छा”

    Comment #5
    “गजेडिको घरमा वाई-फाई जोडेपछी यस्तै हुन्छ”

    Comment #6
    ” Your toilet is brighter than your future”

    These are few epic comments he got there. Though, many other common comments were there too.
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