A Boy Asks For A Safe Lodge To Take His Girlfriend In Kathmandu And The Replies Are Totally Shocking


    Girlfriend and Companion for life: Yes, we are in the 21st century and making love is a common thing for us. Especially in the adulthood stage love making is common. We do fall in love and we want to make love with our partner but it’s quite scary because this act is considered as illegal in Nepal. We can’t take our partner to an unsafe place, couples need peace and calm environment where no other peoples can disturb them. And youngsters consider taking their partner to hotel and lodge where they can spend quality time. But the main problem is that sometimes police raids the hotel and take them for committing illegal activities. So, the youngsters want a safe place, especially a safe hotel and lodge where they can remain safe, away from the police raid.

    In this article, a young boy makes a post on a secret group asking for some safe lodges where he can spend quality time with his girlfriend, here safe means: No Police Can Raid The Lodges and he gets many replies and some replies are totally shocking and astonishing. You couldn’t even hold your laughter after reading those replies. So, let’s have a look. (Only a few selected replies are here)

    Caution: The profile picture/profile names are blurred to maintain the privacy of their personal profile. Disclosing the identity is out of rule. In addition, the post was made on a secret group and we do not want to mention the name of the group because of privacy concern.

    Here’s the question where the young boy asks for safe lodges in Kathmandu

    Reply 1:

    Call 100, means calling the police and they will give the reply. ROFL

    Reply 2: 

    Hope I won’t see your face on tomorrow’s newspaper.

    Reply 3: 

    Build a tent house and stay inside there so that the dogs will be securing you. LOL

    Reply 4: 

    Your face doesn’t seem like you can take a girl or you have a girl. So, jerking is not a crime according to police, use your hands. Epic reply.

    Reply 5: 

    Most of the boys here are to see the comments for safe places.

    Reply 6: 

    You could have asked, “Hello Sarkar” (Police) instead of asking here.

    Reply 7: 

    You can stay in chabahil Chowk in a dusty place, no can see you not even your partner.

    Reply 8: 

    Take your partner to my friend Rajendra’s room (mentioning Rajendra), you can give 200-350 rs but if you make dirt on the bed sheet then an extra amount of 100 should be paid. LOL

    Reply 9: 

    Bring your partner to my room, we shall have to share. LOL

    Reply 10: 

    Metropolitan Police Office Hotel and Lodge

    Reply 11: 

    A friend of mine made the same post, a few days ago. Now he I take food for him every day in Jail. ROFL.

    Reply 12: 

    You all are dead now boys, I’m a police officer and I’m the house of the boy who made this post and the boys making comments giving the location will be in prison, surely I’m going to earn more today. My business will go fine now. LOL.

    So, all the above mentioned were the selected epic comments. Hope you enjoyed the post. For more epic posts, keep updated.

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