7 delicious types of momo, sure it will bring water in your mouth


    Chinese origin food Momo and Chowmin are far more popular in Nepal.  In hotels, restro, café, more than 80% orders are of mo;mo and chowmin. Momo and chowmin are not only delicious but also cheap. Any class of family can offer mo;mo as launch due to its price range and easy availability. Here I’m with few types of mo: mo that you might want to know :

    • Steamed momo:

    Steam momo is the basic type of momo. Steamed momos  are found in every  restaurants and café  in Nepal. Filled inside with vegetable mix or meat, these momos are served steaming hot with sauce known as momo achaar.

    • Kothey momo:

    Half fried and half steamed momo in an elongated shape is Kothey momo. Same to the steam momo, filling can be either vegetable or various kinds of meat.

    • Chilly momo:

    Dipped in hot and chilled capsicum sauce, chilly momo is either steamed or fried. As per the demand, either steamed or fried momos are delivered with a hot chilled capsicum sauce, known as Chilly momo.

    • Fried and Steam-fried momo

    Deep frying directly or after steaming gives us with the crunchy version of momo. Served with achaar, fried momo is best alternative for those who don’t like steam momo and don’t wanna switch to spicy chilly momo.

    • Jhol momo:

    As per its name, Jhol momo is the type of momo that brings jhol  in mouth just when we take its name. Served in a bowl, full of spicy consistent liquid/sauce, Jhol momo is quite more popular here in Kathmandu city.

    • Open momo:

    While having momo, its quite hard to deeper down the sauces and achaar. This problem is now not a problem. Try open momo, known as Ghangri Sui Mai  with four openings to pour momo sauces.

    • Tandoori momo:

    Combo of momo and tandoori giving us this lip smacking moment is one to watch out for. Its  rich texture will surely activate your taste bud.

    Taste and availability of momo has not only brought momo business to the next level but also increased momo lover. Momo doesn’t means just buff momo, it has a wide range of variety. Those who don’t take momo launch just thinking its buff, come on, get into the momo community. Momo will never let you down because MOMO IS LOVE.

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