25 photos of Rara, that will compell you to visit there once


    The intense beauty of Rara is one of the reasons that attracts internal and external tourists to Karnali Region. When it comes to the most beautiful spots on the earth, Rara comes to the top of the list because of its beauty. One can’t feel the beauty of  Rara until he/she visit there. But, you can see its beauty stored in cameras’ frame. Here we present you all 25 photos of Rara by Rojita Adhikari for OnlineKhabar that reflects the beauty of Rara. After going to the bottom of this article, you will surely change your mind and prepare for a trip to Rara. Here we go:

    Are you enjoying the beauty of Rara? Scroll to bottom for more.

    Peoples walking by the way of Rara :


    A couple enjoying its beauty :

    These horses increased the beauty more:

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