18 posters that show the level of Nepali movie


    Today, we are here with a article from NeoStuff. In this article, Neostuff have brought out the reality of Nepali movie posters. Here we go with the latest first look of Kri Nepali movie:

    Take a look at this one.

    This is the poster of 2009 Japanese action film ‘Crows Zero 2’.

    It’s not just a coincidence. Take a look again:

    Here are few more heavily inspired Nepali movie posters. Resham Filili poster looks similar to Namaloom Afraad.



    This might not be the fault of film makers only. Designers should not play such foul act with the producers and producers should be careful. Not only film, book covers are also found highly inspired in Nepal. Most of the new novels have their covers with imported concept.

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