12 branded items your friends might be waiting for


    Today I’m presenting you all with few branded* items that you might want to suggest to your friends.

    1. Coolgate : This is fake colgate toothpaste.

    2. Why not you suggest your Gutkha khane saathi Google gutkha.

    3. Here is first in all keypad iphone which your friend might be waiting for.

    4. Here is brand new converse, oh wait CORNERFE , which may suit for your friend.

    5. Few adidas products for your friends. These are genuine products, neglect the spelling mistake .

    6. Nokia brick, the strongest one. If your friend is building any brick structures, suggest him/her.

    7. Here’s PUMA, oh fuma for your friend.

    8. Why not you suggest your friend to buy LGG jeans ?

      9. Now NKIE slippers, with UEFA 2008 logo printed.

    10. If your friend can’t afford KFC, here’s SFC for your friend with home delivery.

    11. Olay is bit expensive, they said. Why not you give them a Okay shampoo.

    12. After a huge success of OREO, here’s BOREO for you and your friend. Twist and dip and lick it.

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