10 facts on MARK ZUCKERBERG you might want to know

    Owner of most popular social media platform Mark Zuckerberg is celebrating his birthday today. He is not only known as CEO of Facebook, but also known for many other things too. He enjoyed the 6th rank in the Forbes richest people list last year, with a net worth of 44.6 Billion USD. In such a young age, he has achieved a lot. He is not only a successful enterpreneur but also an inspiration.
    So you must be curious to know some facts on Mark Zuckerberg right . Here are 10 of them which you probably didn’t know.

    1) Zuckerberg chose the “Blue” theme for Facebook because he suffers from color blindness and can’t see red-green colors properly. That’s the reason for him to choose blue.
    2) Zuckerberg is so GENIUS that he knows to read and write languages like ancient Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Mandarin and French.
    3) Mark takes just $1 as annual salary.
    4) Zuckerberg was an expert in programming languages right from the age of 13. He had created an instant messaging program “Zucknet” for his family, which facilitated exchanging of messages.
    5) Mark Zuckerberg has created special features for his Facebook profile that no one can block him.
    6) Mark Zuckerberg met his wife Priscilla Chan for the first time in the queue of a toilet.


    7) Mark Zuckerberg has hired twelve people to look after his Facebook postings.
    8) As he was intelligence, AOL and Microsoft had offered him a job during his school life, but he refused them all .
    9) In reality, Facebook was “Thefacebook.com” when he started it in 2004 and was meant only for university graduates . Later in 2006 it was made a social site.
    10) Mark doesn’t own a television because he is too focused with everything.
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